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Okay so everyone has their favorite actors/musicians that they just can't get enough of. Well this group is dedicated to that hobby. Need a lift and want to look at nothing but pictures of Johnny Depp. Come here. Want to see picture's of Musicians you love. Come here. Want to see beautiful women you admire and love...come here. If there is someone you want to see then post on my guestbook or message me and i will try my best to have them available for you to drool on. Now this is a mature and not a crude group. Its all about respect. And this group shows that by showing you the best our favorite give to us. I enjoy finding pictures and the fact that now i am opening that up to all on teamsugar is just icing on the cake. Enjoy and don't mind if you need to copy a few pic's but to see picture you must be a memeber. This is for fun so have fun looking around. Don't forget. Want to see a certain actor or musician then just sign in my guestbook with info of whole name, blah blah blah :D. Thanx!

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